School Principal Message

Mr. Basti Ram

In era of technology and internet, the students are magnetically attracted towards the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, I-pads and consume most of their valuable time in WhatsApp, Facebook, selfies etc. At one point of time, these temptations look beautiful, exciting and interesting. The students instead have become completely freed themselves from their traditional hobbies like gardening, stamp collection, book reading, visiting at the places etc. and confined themselves indoor and stuck themselves to these small boxes. Their verbal interaction with their parents, friends and society is also dwindling day by day. As a result, various traits of their personality like social interaction, command over communication, writing skill, physical development, reading habit are losing shine
The parents and teachers should be conscious enough as these electronic weapons are double edged swords. On one side if they arebeneficial in today’s world for communication, educational technology, they can send harm on the other side. The children may misuse the technology in watching pornography you-tubes and destroy their everything. So this technology can be best utilized by children only if it is under supervision of elders.